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Tyrosine Hydroxylase

From Makoto Naoi

Tyrosine Hydroxylase

Book Informations

  • Released: 1993-07-01
  • Pages: 311
  • Language: en
  • ISBN-10:9067641545
  • ISBN-13:9789067641548


Tyrosine hydroxylase is the rate-limiting enzyme in the biosynthesis of catecholamines. Since the discovery of this enzyme by Dr. Toshiharu Nagatsu, the enzyme has been intensively studied in relation to both its physiological function in the brain and brain disorders. Especially the successful application of L-DOPA therapy for Parkinson's disease suggests that this enzyme should have a primary role in the progress of this disease. As a tribute to Dr. Toshiharu Nagatsu, this book presents an overview of research on this important enzyme, from molecular to clinical aspects. The book also includes the latest results on functional and clinical aspects of the enzyme. It provides as insight in how the enzymatic and biochemical study of this monooxygenase has led to the understanding of many diseases such as Parkinson's disease, stress and emotional disorders.




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