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Ernst Jünger

From Lutz Hagestedt

Ernst Jünger

Book Informations

  • Released: 2004-01-01
  • Pages: 539
  • Language: de
  • ISBN-10:3110915731
  • ISBN-13:9783110915730


Ernst Jünger (1895-1998) is an important figure in 20th century German intellectual history. His extensive work still polarizes literary critics and public response to his work, particularly because of the 'heroic nihilism' of his early work with its tendency to glorify violence, which originated in his reading of Nietzsche. At the same time, his linguistic artistry and gift of observation as shown for example in his travel writings and journals make him one of the most important figures in modern German literature. The present volume provides a complete compendium combining analyses of the most important aspects of his work, including his critique of the modern and his concept of aesthetic escapism, the political, literary, mythical and psychoanalytical influences on his stories and novels, and the role of the writer in modern philosophical and literary systems. The volume presents a many-facetted overview of the current state of Jünger research and offers a new objective academic perspective on the influential work of this significant writer.




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