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From Thomas Hildebrandt


Book Informations

  • Released: 2007
  • Pages: 564
  • Language: de
  • ISBN-10:9004150994
  • ISBN-13:9789004150997


This book examines the modern Arab rediscovery of the Mu tazila through a critical assessment of the concept of Neo-Mu tazilism" and by concentrating on the various intentions and contexts of the use of Mu tazilite ideas.The main part of the book analyzes five ways of understanding Mu'tazilite ideas liberal, historic-materialist, political-Islamic, literary-exegetical and through comparison with the philosophie des valeurs as well as one way of dealing with the school historically: the treatment of the mi na.The book discusses a wide range of authors of whom many, such as A mad Am n, usain Mur wa, asan anaf , Mu ammad Am ra, Na r Ab Zaid und Mu ammad bid al- bir , have had an important impact on modern Arab-Islamic thought. By also presenting authors such as Zuhd rall h, Chikh Bouamrane, Ra d al- ayy n, Am n N yif iy b, Sam Du aim, dil al- Aww und Fahm ad n, additional light is shed on a number of lesser known figures."




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