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From Edward Bonadio


Book Informations

  • Released: 2001-05-01
  • Pages: 291
  • Language: en
  • ISBN-10:0595184308
  • ISBN-13:9780595184309


Voices is a classic story of good and evil set in modern times. It delves into the psychology of human instability and depression and offers a theory on what makes humans do inhuman acts. Lea Moore, a police detective. Challenged by a series of crimes and an attempted assassination, she discovers true evil has set up shop in her city. Her partner, a parish priest, and spirits team up to protect the city from a demon and its willing accomplices.Jake Haley is a reclusive loner. His only solace is his television. But his soul has become fertile ground for an evil that needs him to do its dirty work. Through the seduction of Haley the evil plans to carry out a plan to control the city. Jake Haley doesn’t know it but his only hope is Lea Moore. They have a bond that neither knows of and only that realization can save them both. With a number of twists and turns the story winds to a conclusion that includes exorcism, multiple deaths, salvation and demonic trickery. In the end only Lea Moore is privy to the awful truth of how powerful the evil has become.




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