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From Jake Biondi

Book Informations

  • Released: 2016-09-29
  • Pages: 552
  • Language: en
  • ISBN-10:1539168093
  • ISBN-13:9781539168096


“The gun fired in one direction and then in another direction soon after, causing quick flashes of light and sound. Blood splattered in every direction. From the pier, three bodies could be seen falling from the deck into the dark waters of the lake. The water disturbed by the bodies splashed high into the air and then calmed as the smoke from the fired guns slowly dissipated into the air. The moonlight danced on the surface of Lake Michigan without a care in the world.” -BOYSTOWN Season Five While divers search underwater for victims of the yacht shootings, rescue crews search the rubble of the hotel explosion for survivors and detectives search for Cole O’Brien and Joyelle Mancini’s newborn daughter. Meanwhile, Keith Colgan rushes Michael Martinez to St. Joseph Hospital in a desperate attempt to save his life. Some live and some die, but from the tragedy and devastation, an unlikely hero emerges. As Camille Ciancio gets closer to solving the mystery of the body found beneath the Mancini winery, members of the Mancini family scramble to keep their secret buried. Camille continues to manipulate Mateo Martinez, this time to finally get her hands on the elusive key that her brother left behind. At the same time, Keith struggles to keep his past from resurfacing and Jensen Stone finds himself at the center of a trial that could cost him his friends, his relationship, and his freedom. Preparations for the Halloween gala rekindle passion between former lovers and tear other couples apart. Cardinal Franco Armani and Max Taylor form an unlikely and unholy alliance that impacts the lives of several people around them -- and Boystown’s newest resident, Ethan Anderson, finds himself at the center of the war between the Ciancios and the Mancinis. Everything culminates in a costume party that brings about two marriage proposals, a frantic rescue mission, sinister schemes, a deadly crash, and a shocking revelation that rocks Boystown to its core. There’s no place like BOYSTOWN!




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