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Extra lemon

From Tony Davis

Extra lemon

Book Informations

  • Released: 2005
  • Pages: 164
  • Language: en
  • ISBN-10:1863255508
  • ISBN-13:9781863255509


'The sales slogan was 'Make way for the Austin Freeway'. Car buyers did more than that. 'They gave it the widest berth possible.''You may not recall the Falcon EA. But Ford certainly does. It had to recall tens ofthousands of them.''During 27 years, the Trabant evolved from a primitive, badly built deathtrap into aprimitive, badly built deathtrap with a 12-volt electrical system.'In this laugh out-loud sequel to the bestselling LEMON!, Tony Davis inducts 65 more cars into his Motoring Hall of Shame.Read about cars like the East German Trabant, with its cotton-reinforced body; or the dafter-than-you'd-believe-possible Lightburn Zeta Sports, which the brochure bizarrely dubbed a 'super car' (the only thing it could leap in a single bound was out of gear). There's the appalling Piazza, the ridiculously hyped Tucker 48 and the explosive Ford Pinto: all shining examples of the hair-brained, the unsightly, the excruciatingly dull and the magnificently unsuccessful. EXTRA LEMON will make you wince, groan and avert your eyes - once you've stopped laughing.More heroic failures of motoring by the author of the bestselling LEMON!




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