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The Curse of Silver Blood

From Joseph Barresi

Book Informations

  • Released: 2010-10-08
  • Pages: 672
  • Language: en
  • ISBN-10:1453881395
  • ISBN-13:9781453881392


This is the story of Sebastion. The most mysterious and popular character from Trials of the Bloodstone is back in an epic tale about his very own past and how he became involved with clan Raven and Rose. From his birth all the way up to Sebastion joining the clan, this deep and moving story about a conflicted young Sebastion will shed light as to how he came to be one of the most influential and important individuals within the world of Arator. Sebastion must come to terms with his birthright, and as he struggles with his own inner demons he must also attempt to prevent a mad plot that would cause the most powerful God of Death from gaining a strangle hold on the continent of Anastone. It is Sebastion against the most ultimate evil that the world of Arator knows...what will be his fate? Excerpt: Zevarik chuckled as he saw Sebastion's expressions change while he was putting it all together. Zevarik was so arrogant that he began to confirm all of what the elf was thinking. "Yes Sebastion I am employed Madam Rose and Lord Raven...but only because they are going to be the winning side. They have Morith's direct blessing, and as I began to see at how easily they were dispatching all the troops we were sending to attempt to secure the gem mines I knew who's side I had to be on." Sebastion spat on the ground then said, "You're a traitor to your own people...even dark elves do not betray their own." "Perhaps...but as I am sitting atop my mountain of precious gems and counting my thousands of gold coins I will try my best to feel bad about it." Zevarik said sarcastically. Sebastion's anger and rage could hardly be contained any more. He barked a command word and became fully visible again unsheathing his swords as he did. Zevarik raised a brow as he saw Sebastion raise his blades. Sebastion stared at Zevarik dangerously as he said, "Let's dance."




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